Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Funeral Floral Arrangement Is Mandatory For Florists

If you are planning to work as a floral designer or open your own floral shop (florists), we recommend you to learn and acquire the skills of funeral floral decorations in addition to wedding flower arrangements because it is said that the demand for funeral decoration is pretty high and we cannot ignore the market demand. However most of people look like paying special attention only to wedding flower arrangements seemingly because wedding decorations are happier and the colors used for the decoration is brighter and more beautiful. As far as you make a decoration as your hobby, you can ignore funeral decorations. However when it comes to doing business as florists or floral shop, it is better for you to learn and offer funeral decorations as well so that your business operations can be stabilized. California Flower Art Academy has been educating uncoutable number of students who would like to earn practical skills of various floral designs and flower arrangements or become a floral designer/floral decorator. One of programs/courses we offer is Funeral Floral Decoration Course for $268. Since the unit price of each deccoration/design is offered in the market at $130-$200, your investment for $268 to attend this course can be easily paid back/amortised within a short period of time. Classes are available at our San Jose main class room (near the intersection of freeway 85 and De Anza Blvd) and also at our Burlingame extension class (in San Mateo County near San Francisco Airport) and you can take this class not only on weekdays but also on weekend. School is authorized by Flower Decorators Association Tokyo Japan. If you live in Greater San Francisco or Silicon Valley (South and East Bay), we recommend you to join our school to attend this particular training session. Apart from funeral decorations, if you are interested in learning entry level of floral designs or wedding floral decorations, we have a wide range of courses which will meet your requirement. Please email to info@california-academy.com to raise any sort of questions you may have.
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