Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Vietnam – China Mid-Autumn Festival 2010

17, 18, 19 and in the evening of 20 Sep 2010
Vietnam Museum of Ethnology

Vietnamese in 2010 is going to celebrate mid autumn festival that will take place in Vietnam Museum of Ethnology. The event of the festival that is also known as Festival moon cakes is organized by the cooperation of Museum of Yunnan ethics, Yunnan Opera Institute (China) and Chinese Embassy in Vietnam.

This is the first time Chinese opera has been performed in Vietnam Museum of Ethnology with excerpts of “Journey to the West” and also “boi singing”, a kind of traditional activities of Vietnamese Southerners. Besides, other performance includes lion – dragon dance and water puppet.

In this year’s programme, there will be many Vietnamese and Chinese traditional games and toys. 3 day programme is also an opportunity to enjoy Chinese tea as well as try baking 2 countries’ traditional cakes (mooncake). Other activities such as cultural screenings, singing and dancing, etc will also be carried out in this event.

This is the third time Vietnam Museum of Ethnology exchanges Vietnamese culture with other countries’ in the occasion of Mid-Autumn Festival. Before, Korean and Japanese Mid-Autumn Festival were also presented in 2007 and 2009 consecutively.


Ticket price
Adults: VND 25,000
Children: VND 3,000
Students: VND 5,000
Tickets are available at the museum.

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