Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Buying Christmas Gifts for Guys | How to Get Round This Complete Nightmare!

By Richard Carmichael

Choosing Christmas gifts for guys can sometimes be a complete nightmare. I know because each year when trying to choose something for my dad, it can prove an ongoing battle. The problem here is that he's now just turned seventy, his clothing fashion hasn't changed for the last forty years and his only hobby includes playing golf and the rest of his time is spent watching five different types of sport on sky T.V.

This might sound like I've got it easy seeing as I have limited choices to choose from; but after you've been through the clothing and the sports equipment you're kind of stuck on what next. Not forgetting that his birthdays also help limit the number of things he doesn't have - if only he was into books! Fortunately, due to the advent of internet shopping, I'm able to get round this mind stumper of buying Christmas gifts for guys like my nephew, dad and brother - stress free and cheaper.

As we all know Amazon slashes retail costs dramatically so this is one of the first places I go for both birthdays and Christmas. Not only do they deliver quickly, they're reliable and I'm able to buy and send presents to friends abroad without the need and cost of getting in my car or taking a train up to London - which now costs me 20 QUID! - and shopping along with thousands of others and then facing the task of paying and sending them from the post office.

Don't get me wrong, there is something nice to be said for getting in the Christmas spirit and taking a trip up to Oxford street or wherever you may live, but sometimes when it comes to getting the job done quickly, effortlessly and more cheaply, then Amazon wins hands down. eBay is also a trusted bargain online warehouse. Not forgetting that both these mega-stores also gift rap presents, so you can kind of outsource all your Christmas tasks to someone else!

So if you are now in the decision making period of buying Christmas present ideas for guys, or that special man, whether it's your dad, brother, boyfriend, husband, nephew or son, and simply stuck on what to get, these 2 online shopping stores may offer just the ticket!

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