Thursday, December 2, 2010

Creating Your Own Christmas Hamper

By Abigail Rogers

One of my favourite christmas delivery gifts, that I love buying as well as receiving is most definitely a hamper. I think hampers are a well thought out gift especially when you do it all by yourself from scratch.

When I send out my Christmas hampers I always plan in advance as each hamper has to be different for each person so I buy myself a notepad and start writing down what to put in them. I usually stick to a set figure and include 10-15 items per hamper ranging from wine, champagne, chocolates, fruit and other foods that the individual likes.

For the hamper basket I usually shop around online and bulk buy, as I normally make up about 6 hampers for family and a couple of close friends. There aren't as expensive as you would think either because the beauty of sending a hamper is that you can send it to an entire family rather than spending £10-£20 for each person. So realistically you are saving quite a lot if you add it all up. Plus you have those additional funds to help you make a high quality hamper if you really needed to.

The generic christmas hamper list that I use in my hampers includes the following:

A bottle of wine/champagne
A selection of cheeses
A box of chocolates
A packet of peanuts
A selection of homemade cookies
A packet of brandy snaps
A tin of Christmas biscuits
A tub of twiglets
An assortment of pretzels and nibbles
A generous slice of homemade fruitcake
6 homemade mince pies
A large packet of flavoured crisps

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