Thursday, June 17, 2010

Leek (plant)

The leek species (Allium) are the only genus of the tribe Allieae that belongs to the subfamily of Allioideae within the family of the Amaryllis family (Amaryllidaceae). Some species are known dining and Würzpflanzen, other types are used as ornamental plants. Responsible for the characteristic garlic odor of most species is allicin that is formed in violation of the plant by an enzyme from a sulfur-containing amino acid, the alliin,.

Allium species are herbaceous perennial plants. They often form as Überdauerungsorgane onions, some species are also rhizomes. Most species have the typical onion smell. The simple leaves are usually sessile parallelnervigen.

It is made more or less long unbeblätterter Blütenstandsschaft. The doldigen inflorescences are sometimes almost spherical. Sometimes Brutzwiebelchen are formed in the buds. Often there is a large bract that protects the state in the burgeoning in flowers.

The mostly bisexual, usually somewhat further flowers are triadic. A few species produce unisexual flowers dioecious and then are unisexual (dioecious). The two by three bracts are conformation in most species. The color of the bracts of the Allium species is often white, yellow, pink, blue, purple or red. There are two circles, each with three fertile stamens present. The three carpels are fused into a oberständigen ovary.

Are formed capsule fruits. The black seeds are obovate to spherical.

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