Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Pink and Red Flowers of Common Heather

Ordinary heather (Erica tetralix) is a perennial in the heifamilie (Ericaceae). The plant occurs on nutrient poor, moist places, such as sand, swamp and peat. The plant grows well in sunny or shady places, in dune valleys and forests. It is found in Europe in the countries along the North and Baltic Seas. In the Netherlands, Drenthe, significant heaths with Erica for normal, as the National Park Dwingelderveld. These heaths can only be maintained through regular turf, making the land barren remains. Once they crossed the farmers prefer to heather moorland turf fields and used as the turf in their straw deep litter houses. In a slightly richer fore vergrassing on. Also verbraming a problem.

Plant is a dwarf shrub, which is 10-60 cm tall. The species blooms from June to October with pink-red flowers.

The ordinary heath is an important nectar plants for bumblebees in Ontario and therefore quite hommelehèij said. Only bumblebees with a long tongue can reach the nectar. Bumblebees in a short tongue breaking into a hole by biting underneath the corolla, and even honey bees can use the hole made by the bumblebee.

Also butterflies, like the silver-studded blue (Plebejus argus) visit ordinary heather.

Names in other languages:

• Danish: Klokkelyng

• German: Glocken-Heide

• English: Bog heather (cross-leaved heath)

• French: Bruyère quaternee

Erica is an ordinary kensoort for the class of bogs and wet heaths bumps.


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