Friday, June 18, 2010

Pollination of the Big Cheese Poplar Flower

In the male flowers crowded phase mask, the upward spread of anther completely the bell Griffeläste. The latter are in an immature stage of development and are included in stamen tube. After emptying of the pollen of one flower in the female phase. The stamens bend down. The now mature red Griffeläste radiating from spreading. Occupied with their insides Narbenpapillen move you into the center of the flower and are accessible to pollinators. The scars are thus pollinated preferably with pollen from another plant of the same species, so that self-pollination occurs only in exceptional cases.

Bumblebees as pollinators occur mainly in appearance. But also appreciated bees, hoverflies and Hummelschweber the abundant nectar offered. The hidden nectaries are located at the base of the stamens.


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