Monday, June 28, 2010

The Woodruff Plant

Woodruff (Galium odoratum) is a perennial, hardy, herbaceous plant of the sterbladigenfamilie (Rubiaceae).

Since the plant by its creeping rhizome increases quickly, it comes in large quantities and is like a large green carpet with a mass of white stars.

The vegetative parts of the plant are odorless, but the flowers spread a sweet fragrance. In dried form it is the leaves that smell of mown hay to the coumarin in the wilting released.

The plant has a thin, creeping root with many offshoots. The square, upright stem is 10-30 cm high, delicate, unbranched, and only the nodes hairs. Six to nine single-lanceolate leaves are 1-4 inches long and seemingly sterbladig. Actually there are only two leaves, the others are stipules but a similar form and function. They are like spokes around a wheel.

The star-like flowers are white and are in meertakkige bijschermen on a long stem. They are tubular to funnel-shaped, and usually vergroeidbladig vierlippig. They contain much nectar and bloom in April and May The spherical, two-piece split fruits are 2-3 mm wide, with a hook shaped brushes. Pollination carried by flies and other insects.


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