Thursday, August 19, 2010

About the Corolla

The hoary plantain (Plantago media) is a species of the plantain family (Plantaginaceae). The species is on the Dutch Red List of plants as very rare and very much reduced.

This species grows in fairly dry, grassy areas such as meadows, dikes and berms. The plant prefers a calcareous soil. The species resembles the large plantain (Plantago major), but relatively densely hairy leaves and causes grayish green color.

The leaves are elliptic or slightly elongated. They walk into a narrow short petiole. The rosette is usually close to the ground.

The corolla is whitish. The stamens with light purple anthers. The anus grow longer than the leaves. The flowers are slightly fragrant and so there are quite a few insects off.

These are only incidentally as pollen, nectar is not there. Besides insect pollination, wind pollination takes place there, as in the whole plantain family. The flowering period is from May to August.

The hoary plantain carries a capsule that normally contains four seeds.


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