Wednesday, August 4, 2010

In Addition to these Feelings

Grief is a feeling of regret for the death of another being. Mourning has different forms of expression in different cultures.

The use of certain colors, for example, may indicate that an individual or group is in mourning. A people or country, when the death of an important personality can get in mourning too.

Previously, when a friend or relative of a person died, she would wear black clothes to show their feelings for the person.

It is understood by not only the grief reaction experienced before death or loss of a loved one, but also protests in other losses such as separation from family, friends, matrimonial.

Memories of emotional values, such as changes of home and country, refer to the process of mourning. Faced with the installation of these losses, grief is seen as a mental process that means.

The initial feature of the mourning process happens by remembrances of the loss coupled with feelings of sadness and crying, and the person consoles himself soon after.

This is a process that evolves, where remembrances are interspersed with pleasant and unpleasant scenes, without necessarily being accompanied by sadness and crying.

In addition to these feelings, is the common shock, anger, hostility, loneliness, agitation, anxiety, fatigue. Physical sensations such as emptiness in the stomach and chest tightness may occur.

The duration of this process is inconsistent and followed by a remarkable lack of interest in the outside world. Over time, the crying and sadness are decreasing and the person will be reorganized, but it is a long term process and episodes of relapse are common.

Importantly, the pain of loss can not be evaluated, each person must be understood in their need, with their peculiar characteristics and reactions.

Thinking about family, grief may cause a crisis in itself, since it requires the task of resignation, delete and add new roles in the family scene. It can be seen then that there exists a complexity, because this crisis could stall the development of the family, a factor that can set the grieving process.


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