Wednesday, August 4, 2010

About Muslim

Known believers in Islam as Muslims. Means the Muslims as the "pumapasailalim" or "those who give themselves to God." In Islam, the Muslims must live according to the rules of life appointed by God and expressed in statement passed on Arab prophet Muhammad was still alive he was. For this reason also called the Muslims as Mohamedano, but is desired by the believers in Islam to call them as Muslim or Moslem. Some kadahilan why they prefer to call them Muslims worship only God, not Muhammad, and also because many of the other Muslim before Muhammad came, so they must not be named in accordance the name of Muhammad.

For Muslims, God sent a maensaheng not change anyone. This message saying what they should know that they brighten the world and hereafter. And Muhammad is the man chosen by God to be His prophet messenger or communicator.

Also for believing Muslims, only one of their prophet Jesus. They referred to Christians because they believe Jesus son of God.

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