Sunday, August 8, 2010

Jaliefgevoel Based on AmericanTerms

The jaliefgevoel (American English and British English compersion frubbly) is a feeling of happiness that a man experiences when he sees a loved one is happy with another lover.


It is a form of empathy. One feels happy because they see that their beloved happy. Jaliefgevoel is something other than voyeurism, or the erotic excitement, a man experiences in seeing one or more persons who have sex.

One can feel jalief example, when its partner the next morning, coming home after a wonderful night with another lover and they see him or her shine.

The violent jaliefgevoel is experienced when the feeling of love for the partner is associated with feelings of sexual ecstasy. For example when one sees that his partner enjoys making love with someone else.

Jaliefgevoel is regarded as a counterpart of jealousy. Jealousy is an emotion that comes from fear. Jaliefgevoel is an emotion that comes from love. The counterpart of jalief jealous.

Jaliefgevoel It is the result of an inner growth process and is only achieved when they themselves do well in his or her skin and it is from the heart happy knowing that the partner also experience love with someone else.

The American terms and compersion compersive for the first time in the sixties by Kerista Commune in San Francisco. Members of these community sports polyfidilitie in practice. Jaliefgevoel It is closely related to polyamory.

The jaliefgevoel is described in the book I love two men Waqar Veen Mans.


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