Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Mechanism and Protection of Species

Spine (botany)
Spines are modified parts of a plant that evolved as a defense mechanism and protection of species growing in hostile habitats with poor or inadequate resources for rapid regeneration. These structures with hard and sharp pointed tips, some tips in the form of awl, hook or hook, defending them against attacks by herbivores.

A thorn can be derived from a different organ, such as branches or stems (citrus fruits), leaves (cactus) or extensions of the cortex and epidermis (roses), and structurally different on each floor.

Thorns in the culture
It is known that primitive man used bones as tools. Human history records great variety of cultural references to these acute plant defense mechanisms.
The Book of Genesis account of creation of the bones as one of the punishments meted out to Adam and Eve for their sin. One of the most enduring cultural images is the crown of thorns, as the Bible, was placed on the head of Jesus before his crucifixion.

A popular myth in which a bone is also involved is that of Androcles, a runaway slave in ancient Greece who is said to have befriended a lion to extract a thorn from the paw.

Source: http://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Espina_%28bot%C3%A1nica%29

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