Monday, August 23, 2010

Islamic Scientific Method

Muslim scientific revolution

Some scholars consider Muslim scientists as the founders of modern science, for his development of the first scientific methods and empirical approach, experimental and quantitative scientific questions . For this reason, some scholars refer to this period as the "Scientific Revolution Muslim."

Scientific method

The first scientific methods were developed in the Islamic world, where significant progress was made on methodology, particularly through the work of Alhacaba in the eleventh century. Alhacaba is considered the pioneer of experimental physics. The most important development of the scientific method was the use of experimentation and quantification to distinguish theories developed an empirical orientation. Alhacaba wrote his treatise on optics, which significantly reformed the field of optics, proving empirically that the vision is produced by light rays entering the eye, and invented the camera obscura to demonstrate the nature of light rays.

Alhacaba are also considered to be the first science for his introduction to the scientific method, and his pioneering work on the psychology of visual perception are considered precursors of psychophysics and experimental psychology.

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