Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Muslim in Islam

Muslim (from Arab. Muslim - subject to God) - a follower of Islam.

In the Koran the term refers not only to followers of the Muslim religion, but to all those who "surrendered to the will of God." Quran also specifies Abraham and Jesus as Muslims.

Recommended name is uncommon in Europe the term 'Turk' as a religious follower of the prophet Muhammad. Completely wrong to define 'a follower of Mohammed', because Muhammad is considered a prophet and not God. Both terms may offend religious feelings of Muslims, as it focuses more attention than Allah Muhammad is considered to be "accompanied przydawanie Allah", that is the hardest sin violation of the first pillar of Islam.

The word Muslim is used to describe followers of Islam, we write a little letter, and uppercase (Muslim) when we speak of the representative of an ethnic group in the former Yugoslavia (see Boszniacy).

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