Wednesday, November 3, 2010

10 Knitted Christmas Present Ideas

By Robert Berry-Smith

If you'd prefer to send more personal Christmas gifts to your loved ones this year, why not consider knitting them something special? Here are 10 knitted christmas present ideas that your family and friends are sure to love.

1. It's Christmas and so where better to begin than with a Christmas jumper? Often derided, but now back in fashion through some ironic twist, why not have fun making something suitably festive for a loved one.

2. It's not just the run up to Christmas that's likely to involve cold weather. January, February and even March all see temperatures plummeting and it's vital that we all wrap up warm. Why not knit your loved ones a scarf each, incorporating different colours dependent on the recipient's taste and age?

3. Another great winter warmer is a wooly hat and this is a great one to knit, particularly for younger relatives. Keeping children warm during the festive season and beyond is always important.

4. One item of clothing that has come back into fashion has been the cardigan, so why not find a knitting pattern that suits the person you're making it for. Older friends and relatives may require a different style to younger people, but there's plenty of options for you to choose from.

5. It can be difficult knowing what to buy Children these days, which is why knitted items are a great choice. For babies and very young children, one simple but popular option could be to make them a blanket.

6. Another option for little ones this Christmas could be toys. However, rather than going out and buying your nephew or granddaughter a new cuddly toy, why not knit them one? From plush bears to cuddly elephants, there are plenty of patterns to suit your tastes and skills.

7. Knitting isn't just for little ones and the elderly, you may want to knit a bag that is suitable for relatives of all ages. They're relatively easy to do with a knitting pattern and what women doesn't want another bag?

8. To stop Jack Frost from getting at your families toes, why not make a cosy pair of socks that will keep their feet warm on cold evenings?

9. As well as their feet, they'll also need to keep their hands nice and toasty when out and about this winter. A colourful pair of gloves, or mittens for youngsters, could make for the perfect present.

10. As vintage items are now popular among younger generations, one of the simplest yet most enduringly beloved items is a tea cosy. It could make the perfect gift for the right family member.

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