Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Christmas Wine and Cheese Gift Baskets - Traditionally Elegant

By John C Stoner

With the Holidays almost upon us, now is the time to start thinking about all those folks that you want to remember this year. The question is how to do it. Christmas gift basket has been a long standing tradition for many. The problem is today there are so many choices it's hard to know where to start.

One very good idea is the Christmas wine and cheese gift basket. Many people always appreciate a good bottle of wine. But why not add a few things to go with it and send a beautifully put together wine and cheese gift basket this Christmas.

These are perfect for not only friends and family, but also they are perfect for the business colleagues or special customers you want to thank for their business this year. Whatever the reason, a Christmas wine and cheese basket is a great idea.

Now unless you're a wine enthusiast yourself and have a lot of time to spend trying to put together and decorate a basket yourself, it's almost a necessity that you let the experts do the work and purchase the gift basket. The choices are almost unlimited today. The price ranges available will accommodate most any budget. Nevertheless you will have to make some decisions when you see all the choices you have.

First, you will need to decide what kind of wine to choose and how much. Many wine baskets offer the choice of one, two or more bottles. Of course the more you include the more expensive it will be. Should you choose a white or a red wine? Unless you know the particular taste of the person on your list, I would suggest selecting what you prefer. If you're choosing a basket with two bottles included the choice is easy - one of each. Many times people will choose a sparkling white wine or Champaign. That's not a bad idea with New Years not far away.

If you know the particular taste of the person you're shopping for you might want to consider substituting the wine for a fine bottle of Scotch or special Liquor. The choices are yours to make. You know they will appreciate the special thoughtfulness.

Once you decide on the baskets with the type of Christmas wine you want, take a look at what else is included. You can find wine and cheese baskets that include everything from multiple cheese selections to gourmet snacks, spreads, candy and a variety of other goodies. Fruit has become a very popular addition to these baskets and here again there is a wide variety to choose from.

So for Christmas this year why not go for something that is a traditionally elegant gift - a Christmas wine and cheese gift basket. And while you're at it, why not pick up several for all those hard to shop for friends and family. You can feel confident that your choice will be appreciated this Holiday season. And if you're lucky, you just might find one under the tree for you this year.

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