Monday, November 29, 2010

Furreal Zambi Makes an Ideal Christmas Gift For Furreal Fans!

By Andrew Hawnt

FurReal Zambi toys are making waves amongst children and parents all over the world right now. Part of the globally famous FurReal Friends range of interactive electronic animal toys, FurReal Zambi is a Christmas gift baby elephant that your children are sure to fall in love with this Christmas.

As with all of the interactive animals in the company's range, FurReal Zambi is packed with adorable features, sounds and movements that really do give the illusion that the toy has its own awareness and personality. Where this particular soft interactive toy elephant differs somewhat from the other animals in the range is in its ears. The ears of the Zambi toy feature artwork created by African children, as part of a program to raise awareness of children who have been orphaned by the spread of the AIDS virus.

This is a very valuable cause to support, and buying a FurReal Friends Zambi elephant toy this Christmas will go some way to showing you care. Zambi is also supplied with a bracelet which is also a poignant reminder of the plight of these children. Project Zambi was initiated by toy manufacturers Hasbro, and is a most admirable pursuit.

The FurReal Friends Zambi baby elephant toy makes lots of real elephant noises, and will curl his trunk and blow kisses to you. His poseable legs let him sit or stand, and he can also move his artwork-festooned ears.

Zambi is suitable for ages 4 years and older, and runs on 3 'C' batteries. He is touch sensitive on his back, tummy and trunk, which are all spots that trigger sounds and movement. It's easy to see why FurReal Friends Zambi is so very popular with children and their families this year.

And to make sure you have found the best toy for Christmas gift baskets, it is always a good idea to check out the various FurReal Zambi Toy reviews online before you purchase.

Andrew writes for countless pop culture and collectibles blogs as well as being a magazine journalist and SF author. For more great Christmas ideas, why not check out the FurReal Lulu Toys that are available online!

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