Sunday, November 14, 2010

Three Simple Christmas Gifts for Your Husband

By Thomas Ajava

The husband can be hard person to excite with a Christmas gift as he will not be impressed with anything that is bought for the sake of buying. Thus, you will have to put some thought into his gift to make him appreciate it. Also, a man is never overly expressive when it comes to expressing his delight or disappointment with a gift. This makes it all the more difficult for a wife to find out what might interest him and what might not.

Below are a few gift items that have worked again and again over time. They are also very simple to acquire and will be ideal if you are just too busy to be able to spend a lot of time on Christmas shopping.

• What are his hobbies or interests? - Depending on the phase of his life, he will be into some sort of a hobby or another. It could be tennis or golf or jogging or fishing. He might have started playing poker. Think about how he spends his time out with the other guys and buy him something that he could use there. If he is a golfer, a good set of golf balls will make a nice gift. A MP3 player or a pair of sneakers could do well for a jogger. A fancy set of playing cards for the poker player, and so on. There will always be something that you can get him that will be related to his hobby or pass time. He will definitely appreciate such a gift.

• Buying him a gift that you bought before - Think of the other Christmas gift baskets that you have bought him in the past. There must have been one that would have really excited him. It might not be a bad idea to repeat something along the same lines as men have very consistent tastes in things. Most people think that gifting the same thing twice is a bad idea. It is in fact a good idea if the gift is good enough. If you bought him tickets to a great ball game a few years ago, there is a very good chance that he will love it if you bought him tickets to another ball game again.

• Clothing - Men can sometimes be clueless about their dressing style. You as a wife know exactly what clothes he is comfortable with. Men, unlike women do not go out on shopping sprees. For most of them, clothing is very much a functional purchase and they might only buy something for themselves just once or twice a year. You can surprise him by buying a handful of shirts to freshen up his wardrobe. He will love the gift as it will also save him a trip to the mall to go shopping. You can also use this as a chance to encourage him to wear trendy clothes if he is a very conservative dresser or if he has poor taste in clothes.

As mentioned before, the gift ideas above are fairly simple and do not require a lot of searching around or shopping and will definitely do the job to make your husband happy this Christmas.

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