Monday, November 8, 2010

Christmas Gifts Ideas for Mom - Gifts Under 20 Dollars

By: Jennifer Ciotta

Mom can be difficult to buy for. She has everything. She tells you to buy her nothing. So every year, you throw your hands up in the air in frustration. Not this year. Below are a sample of gifts that mom will be sure to enjoy and treasure.

Homemade Gift Ideas and Photo Ideas for Her

Let's start with your budget: $20. It may seem a bit frugal for the woman who raised you, but you can actually do a lot with $20 if you're creative and thoughtful.

One way to say "I love you" all-year-round is to make a calendar with your best photos. This is becoming a popular idea for parents, and especially grandparents who eat up photos of their grandchildren. Simply select your 12 best photos, either of the children, children's artwork, letters, mementos, you and mom, etc. Scan them into your computer (if they're not already on there).

Edit the photos to look their best with a photo-editing program. Then create the calendar with the Microsoft Word calendar template or calendar software, which you can download free from the Internet. Create to your liking and print at home or at your local Staples, Office Depot, etc. Mom will love it.

Another great gift idea is to make a photo bag for mom. Have you ever seen one that women carry around? They have all the family photos on them? These bags make a great beach bag or shopping bag. You can have your photo bag designed professionally, but it's actually quite an expensive service. So instead do-it-yourself to keep it under $20. Here is an article on how to make a photo tote bag. Follow the instructions and go for it. Mom will love it every time she shops.

Christmas Gift Baskets for Mothers

Keeping in mind with the thoughtful theme, why not create a small gift basket filled with your mom's favorite things? Remember, it's not about price, it's about thoughtfulness. You don't need to include her favorite, pricey Chanel perfume to say "I love you."

You can purchase a small basket for around $5 at a dollar store or another budget store. Buy a pretty bow to tie around the basket handle. Then think of things your mom will love. Is she a reader? Is she a makeup queen? Does she love her dog? Whatever is your mom's sole interest (or interests), cater to that. For example, if your mom loves her dog, buy milk bones, chew toys, an adorable puppy mouse pad, etc. Or if you mom loves to read, buy elegant bookmarks, a few magazines of her interest, a cheap reading light, a book, etc. It's actually fun to create your own basket and shop. Remember, keep it under $20.

As you can see, there are great Christmas present ideas for mom for gifts under 20 dollars. Just use your creativity, imagination and thoughtfulness to create the above gift ideas.

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