Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Promotional Christmas Gifts - 5 Low Cost Ideas for Building Your Brand

By Dan Toombs

I believe it is better to promote a business with promotional gifts that are useful and have staying power.

Desktop gifts such as promotional clocks, engraved metal Christmas gift pens and luxurious desktop digital photo frames are all perfect for your top clients. They will remain on their desks for years promoting your brand.

In this article, however, I would like to tell you about five low cost gifts that are perfect for promoting your brand to everyone else. Getting your logo throughout your office and the offices of your customers is never a back thing. These promotional items will promote your brand while spreading a little good old fashion Christmas cheer.

Christmas Themed Stress Balls

I have a customer who received a box of twenty Santa shaped stress balls from me two years ago. He handed them out around his office. I recently visited him and was amazed to see that at least three were still floating around his office. Just because a promotional item has a Christmas theme does not mean it will be thrown away after Christmas! People love stress balls and will keep them for ages.

Look into the popular Santa, Snowman and Christmas tress stress balls shapes.

Christmas Themed Mugs

One of my clients had a great ideas a couple of years back. He has an employee who is a brilliant artist. My customer asked him to draw a Christmas cartoon including the company's logo and moose mascot. They had the Christmas cartoons printed onto a batch of photo mugs and gave them to all of their customers.

The promotion went down so well they now send new cartooned mugs to their customers every three to four months.

Do you have a talented artist working for you? Perhaps you do not know it yet. Why not hold a competition to find the best design for your Christmas mugs?

Calendar Mouse Mats

Some calendar mouse mats are exceptional quality and do not cost a lot. By giving your customers mouse mats starting in December and finishing 14 months later, you have a good chance of promoting your brand on their desktop for over a year! Desktop property is valuable property! Give this a try.

Again, you could either use a designer or try using some of that hidden talent within your own organisation to create a special Christmas design.

Christmas Themed Logo Bugs

You know what these are - the little fuzzy bobbles that have eyes and other features. Usually they have a printed flag attached to them and self adhesive feet so that they can be stuck to walls and computer monitors.

Why not have a large batch made for Christmas gift baskets? Give your customers a handful for their office. Often the flags are printed with a discount code that is valid all year.

This means your Santa logo bugs could still have prime position on your customers' computer screens all year round!

Christmas Themed Highlighters

Why highlighters? Highlighters are different to pens in that they are not used every day. A low cost Christmas pen could be tossed aside after the Christmas season simply because its writing life is over. Highlighters on the other hand are used far less often. They could be used for months if not years. Highlighters will remain on your customers desktops promoting your brand.

The above listed ideas are just a few of the promotional products that are available to you.

Why not ask for a few samples and get your Christmas promotion on the road? Do you have any products you would like more information about? Perhaps you have an idea for your Christmas promotion but you want more information about certain low cost products? Feel free to share your thoughts, questions and experiences by leaving a comment.

For more information on promoting your business with promotional merchandise and other low cost marketing methods, please visit my daily promotional gifts blog.

Dan Toombs is Managing Director of CompuGift Limited, one of the UK's leading online suppliers of promotional gifts.

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