Monday, November 8, 2010

Personalised Christmas Gifts

By Sarah Maria Williams
Once the design is complete you can then choose from a vast range of photo gifts to incorporate your design into. Once your order is complete, it's just a case of sitting back and waiting for the item to be delivered. Many of the items can be made on the day of order so you could receive them in as few as two days and in plenty of time for Christmas gift.

* Adding Photos
* Choosing the right photo is the first step in creating your personalised Christmas gifts. Use photos of the recipient, their family, their pets, or items related to their hobbies or pastimes. Use digital photos, scanned pictures, and downloaded images. Use any pictures to ensure that you create a design they'll love. Creating A Montage
* You don't have to be limited to using just one picture to create personalised Christmas gifts either. Instead you can create a photo montage by combining multiple photographs. Create the montage yourself using software like Microsoft Publisher and you can add text too. Alternatively, have a professional designer create the montage before printing it on the Christmas gift item of your choice. Photo Blankets And Montage Blankets
* Once the montage is complete, it's time to choose your Christmas gift baskets. A montage blanket is especially effective because the size of the blanket (whether you choose small, medium, or large) is ideal for the inclusion of numerous photographs. Pick a colour for the back of the blanket or choose a single favourite photo and create a reversible blanket design. Montage Prints
A montage print is a canvas print that utilises your photo montage and it is one of the best looking and most popular of all personalised Christmas gift. Bespoke dimensions can be used ensuring that you get just the right size of print for any wall and any purpose.

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