Sunday, November 21, 2010

Popular Christmas Gifts - A Woman and Her Shoes

By Marcella Bess

Have you ever met a woman that doesn't love shoes? We assume these woman are high fashionistas, but in reality, all women have a shoe fetish. Some women love the high style, the most popular feminine heels, and some women love their sneakers (aka tennis shoes). What is it about shoes?

Shoes are the perfect accessory to any outfit. An outfit just isn't complete without the perfect shoes. Women will buy a new pair of shoes for one night just to match one dress. This puts shoes well above any piece of jewelry on the most important accessory list.

This is why one of the most popular Christmas gift baskets you can give your woman is shoes. From running shoes to casual to the high heel for the diva shoes. Your woman will love that you thought about what seems so insignificant to men: her shoes! Don't get overwhelmed with this purchase. What size? Color? Width? Get creative and get a gift receipt. Giving her the option to return them for something else will win BIG points.

What are some things to look for?

1. What does your woman love to wear? Do not stray too far from this unless you hear her talking about wanting something completely different. For example, if your woman wears sneakers all the time find some fashionable sneakers that will add to her wardrobe. Or buy a whole new outfit with the sneakers. Bonus points!

2. If you hear your woman talk about wanting a new look then take the reigns and go for it. Believe it or not women build outfits around their shoes. This will give her a reason to do more of what she loves to do: shop!

3. If what size to get is a big issue for you. Check out her shoes. Do not buy a size 10 if your woman has tiny feet. Offer her a foot massage and look at her shoes. You may not be able to get up close and personal with the size but you can get a good idea and of course more brownie points.

So when looking for the most popular Christmas gift this season remember popularity is in the eye of the beholder. Shoes are always popular with women!

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