Monday, November 1, 2010

What Are the Top Cheap Christmas Gift Ideas This Year?

By Gerald Van Yerxa

Inexpensive Christmas gifts are bound to be a high priority for many people this year. We are still experiencing a weakened economy which has created a great deal of financial strain for many people and because of that, buying presents will definitely need to involve more thoughtful planning and creativity this year. If you are searching for cheap Christmas gift ideas, then here is a list of the most popular ideas that you may want to try.

Top Inexpensive Christmas Gift Ideas for This Year:

1 - Photo Gifts: You can go to photo websites such as to create personalized photo gifts for inexpensive prices. You can make a calendar, mug, mouse pad or even a photo album or memory book.

2 - Recipe Books: Another idea you can try that definitely won't cost you much would be to collect favourite recipes from family and friends and compile them into a simple spiral bound recipe book that you can have printed out either at home or an office supply store such as Staples and then give out as gifts to everyone who helped to contribute and participate. It would be a great group effort-style gift.

3 - Homemade Crafts: Another thing you can do if you are the crafty sort of person is to make a homemade craft or decoration such as an ornament or pretty centerpiece.

4 - Gifts You Can Eat: Of all the inexpensive Christmas gifts, this may be the easiest, most fun to make and most fun to receive. Who doesn't love cookies or desserts. You can bake a batch of cookies or shortbread and put them in a pretty, but inexpensive tin or glass jar and then decorate it with a beautiful Christmas bow and voila, the perfect Christmas gift to give to anyone!

5 - Buy an Inexpensive Home Business: Another thing that many people are discovering in their quest to find the perfect inexpensive Christmas gifts, is that rather than go on always having to worry about saving money and cutting corners at Christmastime or any time of the year, is to become their own boss so that they can be in control of their own finances. This is a viable solution to the common problem of low cash funds, whether it be at Christmastime or anytime. Owning your own business that you can run online and from home may be the perfect gift to give yourself this year, providing a world-wide, recession-proof business that you can work on your own time and from wherever you want to be (home or vacation!). So if your main reason for looking for inexpensive Christmas gift baskets is that you need to save money because funds are tight, then you should really consider doing something different this year, to make a proactive decision to improve your financial situation and your lifestyle. You'll be paving the way to a prosperous career so that you can enjoy this Christmas season financially stress-free.

No matter what type of gift you choose to buy or make this year, the important thing is to always take time to make it personal so that your recipient will will really feel how much you care!

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