Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Alternative Christmas Hampers

Everyone enjoys receiving a Christmas hamper, the excitement of the unexpected holds people's fascination and pleasure from the top to the bottom and all the goodies in between! Each hamper is carefully packaged to ensure the contents are snugly cushioned and protected during transit, the most traditional of Christmas hampers have closable lids fastened with leather straps and buckles.

Today's modern hampers come in a variety of different styles of trays, baskets as well as traditional wicker hampers. Each one is uniquely different in looks and style, yet whichever is chosen the contents of the most scrumptious Christmas indulgences will please family, friends and work colleagues of all ages.

Although traditionally Christmas Hampers are associated with all manner of foods for those who are unable to eat certain foods due to medical conditions, allergies and food intolerances there are a wide variety of alternative hampers which provide the traditional gesture of sending a hamper as a gift to family, friends and work colleagues with thoughtfulness.

Hampers which keep with the tradition of sending luxury treats and goodies such as shortbreads and chocolates which are made with no animal fats or ingredients are the ideal gift for vegetarians. Hampers containing fresh fruits from around the world would also make a perfect gift for vegetarians and vegans. Deliveries of these perishable fruits can be scheduled to arrive within two working days and just in time for Christmas!

Start Christmas morning with a luxurious breakfast in bed! A tray style basket containing a bottle of Bucks Fizz, smoked salmon, preserves and croissants is the perfect gift for those celebrating their first Christmas together! To give the surprise Christmas delivery gifts to share the 'Pamper Me' hamper contains all the necessary ingredients of pure indulgence! When all the Christmas guests have departed indulge in some well earned relaxation in a bath filled with luxurious aromatic Aloe Vera foam bath, lay back and enjoy the bubbles while sipping sparkling Chardonnay Pinot Noir or dipping chocolate covered strawberries into the champagne! This hamper comes with two champagne flutes and other luxury treats perfect for sharing!

Traditionally Boxing Day in the UK is associated with outdoor sports such as horse racing, football and rugby. Sports enthusiasts who are also real ale lovers will adore a hamper which is bursting with fine ales, cheeses and savouries, the perfect hamper for Boxing Day lunch while watching a favourite sport in the comfort of the warm interior of a home or for the dedicated this wicker hamper has a traditional lid making it ideal to transport outside!

A Cool Christmas can be had with a practical insulated wicker basket with carrying handles. The basket includes a host of festive foods and yuletide goodies such as smoked salmon, Stilton, honey roast ham and all the savoury accompaniments necessary for a superior picnic lunch at the races, making this Christmas Hamper a very firm favourite and a definite winner!

The variety of Christmas Hampers available ensures that there is a different gift to send to every member of the family and friends.

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