Thursday, October 7, 2010

Christmas Presents For Boyfriends - 10 Great Ideas

Should you get your boyfriend an expensive present, a meaningful present, a useful present, a fun present, oh decisions, decisions!

We have all been in the same situation of coming up with a Christmas ideas for our boyfriend, so for those of you struggling here is a few ideas to get you started:-

  1. Designer Sunglasses - If you aren't sure what to give but want a cool present that's sure to please then you can't go wrong with Designer Sunglasses. Ray Ban, Oakley, Marc Jacobs, Armani, the list is endless but whichever you pick you will be guaranteed a massive hug this Christmas from your boyfriend!
  2. Concert/Gig Tickets - Is there a concert or gig your boyfriend wants to go to? If so then buy him 2 tickets for it so he can enjoy a night out with a friend or if you're lucky you!!
  3. Car Accessories - If your boyfriend drives and is into his car then he will love some gadgets for it. Visit a local car store who specialise in accessories and they will give you advice on the best buys. Alternatively ask his friend what your boyfriend would like for his car and I'm sure you will get the right answer.
  4. Experience Days - When it comes to boys, they all love a rush of adrenaline so what better way to get it than rally driving, bungee jumping, paint balling, or even speed boating. Whatever your boyfriend's interests there is an experience day to suit him. He will love you for this Christmas present I am sure!
  5. Flying Lessons - Not every boyfriend gets flying lessons for Christmas gift ideas! See if a local aviation school will give you a good deal on multiple lessons and get your boyfriend soaring through the sky for Christmas!
  6. Game Consoles - If your boyfriend doesn't have the latest game console, or game then this is an excellent Christmas present he will appreciate. New consoles on the market have Bluray DVD built in so he is getting 2 presents in one with this option, what more could he want?
  7. DVD Sets - With so many new programmes on the air I am sure there is a series your boyfriend is addicted to. If so buy him the box set of the show for Christmas so he can watch his favourite episodes anytime he wants.
  8. Magazine Subscriptions - You would be surprised by the endless possibilities of magazine subscriptions there are these days. Every possible hobby or interest has a magazine relating to the subject so for Christmas subscribe your boyfriend to one that he will enjoy reading.
  9. Multi Functional Remote Control - Men love their gadgets so for Christmas give your boyfriend a remote control that will work all his gizmos. He won't be disappointed when he opens this present.
  10. Lazy Chair - Everyone wants to have a chair like the ones featured in Friends the TV series. Whilst watching his favourite sport, your boyfriend can recline and be thankful for having such a great girlfriend who bought him this fabulous lazee chair for Christmas!

Whether he is a new boyfriend, or a long-term boyfriend all these Christmas present ideas will delight any man in your life. And they are all material gifts and have no meaning attached to them, so you won't be sending any message to your boyfriend except have a very Merry Christmas!

Good luck with your Christmas shopping.


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