Sunday, October 10, 2010

Reasons to Celebrate with Corporate Gifts

Companies never run out of reasons to celebrate an event. Whether it is the CEO’s birthday, a public offering, an anniversary, a change of leadership, Christmas, or New Year’s, there are always reasons to have corporate gifts around.

Here are the most popular corporate gifts:

1. For women. Whether for women executives, your female supervisor, or another co-worker, many wonderful ideas abound for Christmas gift. Sleek metal business card holders are perfect for executives who want to impress clients. Those who are desk-bound would appreciate fancy desktop items like photo frames, cellphone holders, or desk clocks. For Christmas or year-end events, compacts, key chains, and atomizers are perfect corporate gifts for women on the go.

2. Fancy corporate gifts to show appreciation. End-of-the-year events and company anniversaries are a good time to reward employees for their performance, length of stay, or simply being good role models. Aside from trophies, personalized corporate gifts such as money clips, credit card holders, CD cases, paperweights, and clocks are perfect ways to appreciate a job well done.

3. Edible corporate gifts. Clients and employees will never forget the memory of edibles such as gourmet cookies, candies, coffee-and-mug ensembles, pretzels, chocolates, and food baskets shared among them. These types of corporate gifts are perfect for holidays or as giveaways for press launches. Add some local delicacy if you’re targeting expat employees. And don’t forget the personalized gift cards! No matter how simple the message, these corporate gifts will be appreciated if they come with the human touch.

4. Relaxation gifts for the harried employees. Corporate gifts for stress relief are in vogue these days. Baskets with spa essentials, bath sets, foot spa products, DIY facial items, and aromatherapy candles are delightful presents to take home. Complete the ensemble with jazz or other relaxing music CDs. Employees will be looking forward to a relaxing hour at home over the weekend.

5. Business gifts for associates and clients. Your holiday or year-end gift list shouldn’t be complete without your business associates. Send them corporate gifts that will leave a lasting impression. Gift ideas include mini gavel sets for your corporate lawyers, leather cigar cases for important clients, glass timers and letter openers for their executive assistants, and keepsake chopsticks for associates, Oriental or otherwise.

6. Small but nifty giveaways. Anything silver-, leather-, or gold-looking has a high perceived value to recipients. Whether these are cuff links, key chains, letter openers, or luggage tags, these sleek corporate gifts will be much appreciated.

7. Desktop gifts that will keep giving. Office and desk promotional items are said to be among the top ways to build brands especially with the length of time we spend in the office and the number of people who stop by our desks, whether they be co-workers, clients, messengers, or customers. Corporate gifts such as candy dishes, memo holders, picture frames, alarm clocks, cellphone holders, paperweights, scissors and letter openers, timers, and even game boards are gifts that will always be on top of their desks for all to see, so make sure your logo or contact visible is applied well and will last for years.

8. Travel gifts for those on the road. Business executives and salespeople who spend long hours in airports or hotels or always on the road will love travel-themed Christmas corporate gifts. Giveaways such as pillows, compact travel kits, luggage tags, alarm clocks, maps, and garment bags are among those gifts aiming to make travel so much easier or comfortable for these frequently mobile workers.


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