Friday, October 22, 2010

A Personalised Gift This Christmas Ideas Is Extra Special

By My Linh Duong

Cheating is usually unacceptable but when you need to banish your reputation as a poor gift-giver, help is very welcome. Remember all the presents you carefully chose, lovingly wrapped, enthusiastically labelled and excitedly placed in the hands of the recipient? How many times did you experience a squeal of unbridled delight and a genuine bear-hug of excited appreciation? Perhaps not quite as often as you would have liked?

Sadly, all the good-intent, love and consideration in the world don't make buying Christmas gifts any easier. Whether you are buying for mum and dad, the children, your mates at work or the love-of-your-life, getting the right gift that will delight is never easy. How can a manufactured 'thing' ever represent the intent of the gift anyway?

With every Christmas present ideas you buy, you are sending a message of your love, respect or appreciation to the recipient...

When you struggle to get that message across in a gift, there is actually a very simple and blatantly obvious solution - give a Personalised Gift.

There is such a huge range to choose from and whichever you choose, it will be a gift uniquely created for your mum, dad, son, daughter, friend or lover. You really can't go wrong with a personalised gift for those you care about at Christmas gift ideas.

Once you find the 'something' you think suits the recipient down to a tee, enhance its value by adding a personalised message.

A few ideas that look marvellous include:
-Personalised novels that put your friend or loved one at the heart of all the action in a story setting of your choice; be it a desert island romance, swashbuckling adventure, mind-boggling crime solver or chilling thriller.

-Beautifully engraved jewellery for a traditional yet highly appreciated gift that will always be treasured

-Annotated calendars that highlight key dates that matter. Proof that you do know when your other half's birthday is, or what day your anniversary falls on. Beware, that with this gift, there is no excuse for forgetting key dates!

-Personalised mugs so that even during the most pressured day in the office, not only will a nice cuppa do the trick, but the heart-warming and loving message on the side of the mug will work as a reminder of your sentiments. It may even reduce their stress and remind them that their work problem is not that important when basking in the love of someone special.

The choices of personalised Christmas ideas are endless but the outcome is always the same; genuine appreciation of the thought and consideration you put into making the gift extra special, extra personal and extra memorable. It's very easy to arrange yet the effect a personalised message produces is priceless.

A loving message or one of thanks and appreciation can make a somewhat ordinary item an absolute treasure. The title of 'poor gift-giver' will be long gone!

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