Monday, October 18, 2010

Promotional - Corporate Gifts

By: Abe Wead

Corporate gifts are similar to promotional gifts in that theyre both gifts. And in that respect theyd be similar to any kind of gift.

Corporate gifts differ from regular gifts because theyre gifts meant for your employees. These gifts are given out for a variety of reasons and can vary in what they are (as most any gift can). Sometimes they can be given business to business too. Pretty much it seems that a corporate gift is meant to be only within the business and surrounding businesses.

A lot of employees, sometimes myself included, do exceptional work. When this happens a company can recognize that person by giving them a small reward or gift. This is common actually and the rewards are pretty straight forward.

For most businesses the reward might be a plaque or certificate of some variety. It is written proof that the employee performed excellent. This is great and cheap and can be given out monthly (IE employee of the month) or for any award the company deems fit.

Trophies are less common but also acceptable. Of course that depends on the circumstance of the reward. Some things are far more worthy of a trophy or statuette than others. I can only imagine a big reward is necessary for truly exceptional performances.

Retirement is another time with corporate gifts are acceptable and expected. When a person has been with a company for a lengthy period of time, and retires, it is expected he receives a unique retirement gift.

Gifts can vary, a pen or mug might not be enough. Money perhaps? That might not be appropriate. A trophy could be, in the right situation, or maybe a plaque due to service. Other gifts might be more acceptable however.

Something along the line of pocket watches is a great Christmas gift for retirement, in my opinion.

Well, it goes without saying that holidays usually require gift giving. Christmas gifting is usually not required but sometimes its nice to be a friend to your coworkers. Itd make them pleased to see you and make the overall work environment more hospitable.

Other holidays arent as important, so only small gifts would be required at that time. For instance, theres no reason to give a gift for the fourth of July, but Easter might be more acceptable.

Business to Business
There are such things as corporate gift baskets, which surely, can be given out to employees. But they might be better suited as a thank you to a customer for their business, or to another business for their interest in yours.

Any way you slice it, Christmas corporate gifts are an important part of a working environment. Some companies function well without such things, other function well with them. It depends on the situation and the company.

But, perhaps the company with gifts does better work in a more timelier fashion? No one knows for sure, perhaps when some scientific information is released well see how it stacks against my hypothesis.

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