Monday, October 18, 2010

Corporate Christmas Gift Basket: More For Less

Choosing the best corporate Christmas gift basket for your needs means recognizing the importance of giving during the holiday season. Sure, you may give to charity, but do you give to those important clients that have been with you all year around. Showing gratitude goes a long way in making you memorable to those clients; when you are memorable, they tell family and friends about you and your services or products.

There is no company too great or too small that would not benefit from a simple corporate Christmas gift basket. These presents are easy to find, and you can even personalize them to fit your budget. Each offers a touch of gratitude, and if you deal your cards right, you will find a copious amount of indirect marketing that will go a long way in furthering your customer base and profits.

But when you are interested in giving a corporate Christmas gift basket to those important clients, how can you insure you are getting the right thing?

Theme the Christmas corporate gifts basket. Themes can range according to your need. One popular theme is seen with Mexican food. Add some delicious Tejano salsa, tortilla chips, individual serving bowls, and a hand written letter and what you have is a wonderful addition to any holiday season. Not only are you giving the gift of food, but salsa and tortilla chips are healthy if you choose the right salsa.

Customize the items and accessories. You can customize everything from a salsa container to a t-shirt these days. Customization is popular because it gets your logo or brand out there. If you customize a t-shirt or coffee mug, you will find that others will see that logo or brand. Even if they do not remember exactly where they saw it, if they see it again via a website or yellow pages, they will remember that and this is what indirect marketing is all about.

Order in quantity. When you want a corporate Christmas gift basket, you will find you save money simply by purchasing a larger quantity. If you need 100 baskets, be sure you give a box or basket to each person via the same company. This will get you oodles of savings and will stretch those advertising and marketing dollars. In addition, you may just find you get other benefits from ordering in quantity.

Ship from the company. If you purchase items online or even downtown, you may be able to ship securely and safety from the company you purchased from. This will save you time and money. In addition, you will be able to insure less traveling time which means you will actually get that gift there in one piece. Yes, shipping from the company is a good idea. If you are not sure whether this is an option, a simple phone call can get you the answers you need.

These four steps can insure you get the corporate Christmas gift basket you need. Not only will you save time and money, but you will also insure your package gets there in one piece.

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