Friday, October 15, 2010

Corporate Gifts For Smaller Budgets

Giving corporate gifts is a time-honored way of strengthening business relationships, motivating employees, and simply showing the people you do business with that you appreciate their loyalty and hard work. Choosing the right christmas corporate gifts can be difficult at the best of times, but it's much harder when you have only a small budget available to spend on such items.

Choosing inexpensive corporate business gifts can be tricky. You don't want to spend more than your budget will allow, but at the same time you don't want the items you give to look or feel cheap. It's always best to choose good quality items-luckily, good quality does not always have to mean expensive. Here are some great corporate gift ideas that you can purchase for less than ¤5.00 per item.

Conference Folder or Conference Bag

These items don't have to be limited to conference use only. An attractive and well-made bag or folder can be an ideal gift idea. They help people stay organized at work, they look attractive and professional, and of course your company name or logo is printed on the item to help promote your company. There are several options available for under ¤5.00 per item, so you've got a great variety to choose from-you can pick a very attractive and useful folder or bag at a very affordable price.

Pen or Pen Set

Executive-style pens and pen sets are often relatively expensive, but there are a few options for great quality pens and sets available for less than ¤5.00 per item. These still make great gift ideas even in the information age where so many people rely on computers for creating and storing documents. Pens and paper will be used and needed for a long time to come, so an attractive and well made pen is always a great christmas gift item.

Desk Top Items

An attractive metal desk clock is ideal for desk-bound employees or business associates. Check out the Sydney Executive Metal Desk Clock-a very handsome and well-made metal desk top clock that can be laser engraved with your choice of message. The solid construction and laser engraving ensures that your message will be around for years to come.

Another great gift idea for the desk top is a business card holder, and there are several styles available for well under ¤5.00 per item. Choose from sleek aluminum or chrome, and luxurious leather-look wallets that create a very stylish look for a very affordable price.

Golfing Gifts

There is a great range of golf-related gift ideas available for less than ¤5.00 per item-check out these options.

  • Golf shoe bag
  • Terry or velour golf towel
  • Leather scorecard holder
  • Golf tool set with fork, markers and tees

Travel Accessories

For employees and business associates who travel frequently, an array of travel accessories is a welcome gift. Many items cost just a pound or two, so you can buy two or three items to present to a recipient and still pay less than ¤5.00 for the entire gift. Choose promotional gifts from items such as shoe shine kits, travel fans, travel mugs, and manicure sets.

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