Friday, October 1, 2010

Florists - Choose the Best For Your Wedding

First, talk to others or go to bridal shows to choose approximately three florists to interview. Then, set up an appointment to talk to each of them. Arrive early at each florist so you have the opportunity to look around the shop. Look at the displays, and decide whether or not they appeal to your tastes. Look at the flowers in the coolers. Do they look fresh?

Most florists keep books of past work they have done. Look through a book of pictures that showcase weddings they have done. Do the flowers in the pictures look fresh, or are they wilted and brown around the edges? Do the arrangements from recent weddings follow current trends? Are the pictures current, or is the florist relying on past work to prove his or her skills?

You will have the opportunity to sit down and talk to the florist. Have pictures of your ideas ready, but do not tell them everything. Give the florist some room to make suggestions. This will help you understand their line of thinking and get a feel for their vision for your wedding. As you talk, consider whether or not you feel comfortable with the florist.

Price is a consideration, but it should not be your first consideration. The best florists are able to charge more because they do good work. Try to find a balance between an affordable price and quality work. Do not forget about the price of delivery. You might be able to save money by picking up your flowers on our own.

After interviewing the florists on your list, you should have a good idea of the one that best fits your needs and wishes. Make sure you book the florist approximately four months before the date of your wedding. Also, have information about your reception site and the location of your ceremony before you officially make your order, as you will need to know how many arrangements you will need.

Book this professional after you have chosen the bridesmaids dresses, as this will help to ensure that everything matches. Once you have your florist booked, you will be well on your way to your dream wedding!


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