Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Christmas Gifts for Grandma: Great Xmas Present Ideas for Nan

By: Asa Ghaffar

She's very kind and loving so buying Christmas gifts for grandma is a real pleasure. The problem is that purchasing gifts for elderly relatives is notoriously difficult so your poor nan regularly receives a warm pair of socks, chocolates or some lilac-scented talcum powder.

No matter what you buy your nan, she's always delighted with it because you've thought of her. Regardless of this fact, you still want to get the best Christmas gifts for grandmothers because you want her to really like and enjoy her present because she deserves it.

Family & Interest-related Christmas Gift Ideas for Grandmothers

As you start to advance in years, your appreciation of family starts to grow. Most seniors that didn't already realize it start to appreciate their close friends and family a lot more. If you can find or make Christmas gifts for grandma that improve your bond, you've done really well.

  • Photo album: If you've moved to a different state, you probably don't get to see her that often. Consider buying a new photo album and filling it with pictures of the family. Not only is it a relatively inexpensive Xmas gift for your grandmother, it's also a great talking point.
  • Historic newspaper: Consider buying her a newspaper that dates back to her date of birth or an alternative significant date in her life, such as the date she got married.
  • Lifetime journal: When she's gone, all her unique experiences are lost forever. This journal gives her the chance to document of all the special moments in her life and share them with you.

Health-related Christmas Gifts for Grandma

Consider buying grandma a Xmas gift that improves her quality of life. They're not only practical, they're extremely thoughtful as well. Perhaps your nan has issues with her mobility, back problems or she finds it difficult to see the TV or read small print.

  • Key locator: If she's always losing her door or car keys, a key location device will help her to quickly and easily locate them without the usual drama.
  • Large button telephone: Larger buttons or a speed dial facility will make her life a lot easier if she's finding it difficult to see the numbers on the dial pad.
  • Knee supports: If she finds it hard to walk due a rheumatic condition, consider buying her some specialist supports for her knees. They'll make it a lot easier for her to get about.
  • Magnified TV screen: If nan has a vision condition, such as macular degeneration, magnifying the picture with an extra screen could help her to recognize more than just the voices.

How to Come Up with Great Christmas Gift Ideas for Grandma

Nan isn't the hardest lady to please, but she still has preferences. The best Christmas gifts for grandma tend to be sentimental so anything that shows a bit of thought and makes her feel special to her family is likely to be particularly well received.

The right Christmas present ideas for grandma needn't cost the earth, but you should stay away from generic presents. If she doesn't get to see you or the family too often, buy or make your grandma Christmas gifts that allow her to understand what's been going on since she last saw you.


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