Sunday, October 10, 2010

Original Handmade Christmas Gift Ideas

It's that time of year again and you're looking for a way to save some money at Christmas time. One way to not only save money but make your Christmas gifts a bit more personal is to give out homemade Christmas gifts. Making gifts for family and friends can be very rewarding and will also make sure that you are giving an original christmas present ideas that they have never received before. Read on to find out a few homemade Christmas ideas that should help you get started.

Gift Basket - Find a good size basket line it with colored tissue paper, red and green work well. Then make up a theme for the gift basket. If you are making this for a female then you can get some nice bath soaps and crystals. Add in a few scented candles and a nice bath towel or robe, add in a nice book and you have a great gift ready to go. If it's for a male then you can go with some wine glasses, and a nice bottle of wine, or some beer mugs and a six pack of their favorite beer. The point here is to find out what the person likes and just add that to your homemade Christmas gift basket.

Gift Jars - Making homemade Christmas gifts in a jar can be just a simple as the gift baskets. Find out what types of foods the person likes and place them in a nice jar. You can find them at any home good stores. There are especially good for someone that likes to cook. You can find all the ingredients of a favorite recipe and put them the jar. Make a nice label to put on the outside with the instructions on how to make it. This can be on a card tied to a string around the top. Use your creative side to figure out what to put inside your gift jar and it's sure to be a hit.

Personalized Recipe Book - On the same idea as the gift jar you can find some great recipes in magazines or on the internet and gather them all together for a nice personalized recipe book. Do they love chocolate? Then find a bunch of different chocolate recipes and print them out or make copies. Place them into some clear sheets that can be placed into a 3 ring binder and your done.

Photo Album - This can be a great gift for older children. Get out your photo albums and trace back their childhood through pictures. Start from infant to today. Not only with this be a keepsake for years to come but the time spent reminiscing while looking through will bring a smile to everyone's heart. This can also be a nice gift for a mother, grandmother, father or grandfather. Putting together a photo album of the children for them is always a terrific gift.

As you can see this is just a few of the homemade Christmas gift ideas that can make your next Christmas a very special day. The people you give these homemade gifts to will know that you really thought about them and came up with a unique idea just for them. Cost effective and fun to do. Don't run around the shopping mall trying to spend as much as you can to show how much you care this Christmas. Make some homemade gifts to really show them.


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