Sunday, October 17, 2010

Christmas 2010: Gift Ideas for Male Runners

By Suzanne Rose

You will have many choices of 2010 Christmas ideas for the male runner in your life. Consider what he already owns and what would be practical in making your decision.


If you are looking for a big ticket item, then a male runner might love a treadmill for his home. You may want to discuss such a gift before making the purchase to make sure that he has the room and desire for such a device. Many companies make these, and the prices range substantially. Some have special features such as pulse rate monitors, inclines, a broad range of speed settings and more. Some popular ones include Fitness 725T Treadmill by Horizon Fitness and Series 7 Treadmill by Bowflex.


There are many different books related to running that a male runner might like for the 2010 Christmas holiday. You could consider Revolutionary FIRST Training Program (Runners World) by Bill Pierce, Murr, and Moss or Faster from the 5K to the Marathon: How to Be Your Own Best Coach by Brad Hudson and Fitzgerald. Some books focus on motivating yourself to exercise whereas others help you devise training programs.

Men's health magazine

A lot of male runners might enjoy a fitness magazine for men. For instance, you might get him Men's Fitness. These are great Christmas present ideas since they typically come for an entire year.

Personal listening device

A lot of men like to listen to music while they are running. MP3 players are very popular and if he doesn't have one or has an older one, then he might like a nice new one such as the IPod. If he has such a device already and you do not have as big a budget then you can get him some great music to motivate him as he runs. The type of music people like to listen to varies based on personal preference, however you can specifically buy music made for exercise such as The Biggest Loser Workout Mix - 80s Hits Remixed.


A lot of men like to carry some water as they are running. There are many different water bottles that might make this easier.

If you have a male runner on your 2010 Christmas gift ideas list, then a present related to it may be very much appreciated. In addition to those listen above you could get him running shoes, great socks, workout clothing and more. You could even put together a selection of items in a gift basket. If you spend the time and effort, he is likely to appreciate your gift.

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